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Whether your aim is to establish policies, pinpoint mobility issues, or assess investments, AHOY’s Traffic Analytics API is the tool for you!

Traffic Analytics API

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Stay Ahead of Change

We provide a complete on-demand insight of road networks. Using our Traffic Analytics, you can prioritize road safety and plan roadway performance. Utilize our tool to get traffic data on each and every road segment to help detect over-speeding, road performance, and bottlenecks.


A quick overview of what this API can do for you.

Road Segment Analysis

Analyze any road you want piece by piece down to the road segment

Traffic Data

Utilize a rich database of historic traffic data to get insights, trends, and behaviors.

Temporal Data

 Procure time-sensitive analytics on traffic for each area you choose.

Actionable Insights

Identify bottlenecks in your road networks to create a plan to ease traffic flow.

Road Violations

Understand the frequency of road violations for each road segment.

Road Performance

Take advantage of comprehensive metrics to accurately measure road performance.

Use Cases

In the spirit of freedom, we provide you with multiple variations that you can mix-and-match to solve any routing problem that your business faces.

Here are just some examples where the Traffic Analytics API can bring value to your business:

Urban Planning & Law Enforcement

Power up your urban planning with traffic analytics that work for you.

We enable transportation authorities and planning agencies to develop better mobility solutions to lessen traffic and emissions.

Using time-sensitive data, you can unlock a new avenue for insights into traffic behavior to predict congestions and anticipate scenarios.

Detect areas most prone to crimes and identify the underlying reason with comprehensive analytics.


Unlock insights and stay ahead of the market.

Forecast future fuel demand based on real-time traffic information from driver behavior to traffic density.

Leverage historic and real-time traffic data to gain insights on where to launch a new ad campaign.


Join the Movement Revolution

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