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Network Centroid API

AHOY’s Centroid API helps your business identify the optimal location for your depots and facilities used for manufacturing, supplying, and operational processes.
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The heart of your operations

We utilize state-of-the-art formulations while leveraging geographic information systems to create optimal clusters for a given set of locations.

The Centroid API uses powerful metrics to ensure the accuracy of the response with time sensitive information down to a millisecond.


A quick overview of what this API can do for you.

Time Optimization

Customize your cluster distance by giving a center that can reach it’s points within a certain time period.

Departure Time

Enhance your accuracy by defining a departure time down to a millisecond.

Cluster Selection

Choose how many clusters you need to have based on your budget and business operations.

Use Cases

In the spirit of freedom, we provide you with multiple variations that you can mix-and-match to solve any clustering problem that your business faces.

Here are just some examples where the Centroid API can bring value to your business:

Manufacture & Supply

Center your operations in a prime location.

Reduce the cost of your business’s operations by finding the optimal location for your facilities.

Build a network of distinct clusters centered around your facilities to meet business demand points.

Achieve lower shipping costs by lowering the shipping time to and from your facilities.

Health & Public Welfare

Build a reliable public health system.

Ensure the public is able to access your healthcare center with minimal time.

Create a hospital network that spans multiple communities.

Optimize your ambulance response time by creating clusters that cater to the public in record time.

Let's explore the API

Developing your own solution?

Check out our documentation for the technical content along with references and examples on how to effectively integrate our API with your development.


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