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Multi-Stop Routing API

AHOY’s Multi-Stop Routing API is an all-in-one service that caters to a wide variety of routing problems that are sure to fit your business needs. 
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State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art algorithms to find a selection of the best routes for your fleet according to business-conscious planning criteria. With AHOY’s Multi-Stop Routing API, you can be sure that your routing operations are done with maximum efficiency with minimal effort from your side.


A quick overview of what this API can do for you.

Time windows

Add time windows to your locations to make sure your vehicles reach at the right time.


Need to visit some locations before others? We take care of that!

Capacity Optimization

We love efficiency. We make sure your vehicles are utilized at their maximum capacity.

Start time Optimization

Don’t know when you should dispatch your fleet? We find the optimal start time for you.

Vehicle Types

Different sizes? Different dimensions? This API can find the best combination for you!

Multiple Options

Optimize for a wide variety of metrics such as time, distance, or even cost!

Use Cases

In the spirit of freedom, we provide you with multiple variations that you can mix-and-match to solve any routing problem that your business faces.

Here are just some examples where the Multi-Stop Routing API can bring value to your business:

Supply Chain

Control your end-to-end supply chain logistics with full visibility.

Reduce the cost of your business by reducing the idle time of your assets.

Get accurate estimated arrival times for each location and every vehicle in your operations.

Empower your planning process from risk mitigation to fully utilized agility by using our fully planned routes that take into account traffic conditions, dynamic incident awareness, and much more!


Optimize your operations with on-demand mobility for the holiday seasons.

Ensure your fleet abides by commercial vehicle regulations for over 76 countries.

Find the optimal sequence for your fleet to visit for over 100 distinct locations.

We provide routes that are intelligently aware of the traffic conditions based on the time of day and seasonal traffic changes.

Let's explore the API

Developing your own solution?

Check out our documentation for the technical content along with references and examples on how to effectively integrate our API with your development.


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